16 Commits (master)

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  Emil Renner Berthing 9651c10bcb Cycle through "animations" on button click 5 years ago
  Emil Renner Berthing 11e6ebeb0d inc/hw_pinout.h: fix whitespace 5 years ago
  Emil Renner Berthing 0acbfcf61f Makefile: add -O2 to CFLAGS 5 years ago
  arturo182 85ffe1867a Revert "Add support for using UART bootloader" 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen 5f2a36d07f Add support for using UART bootloader 5 years ago
  David Plassmann b55dedc21b Button2 now flashes all LEDs, this can be usefull for testing. 5 years ago
  David Plassmann 5c510d827d Now with blink function 5 years ago
  David Plassmann 0c7b78b5be added button support 5 years ago
  David Plassmann 1ffea8e09f Swwapped usr1 and usr2 5 years ago
  David Plassmann f5374665e2 Make "make flash" actually work 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen b6a8508796 fix flash command 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen f9136d244a Add tentative flash target 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen 333e9938e0 add Debug makefile target 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen 000d378ea2 Prettify blinkyness 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen 35c1f3b270 Blink leds 5 years ago
  Jens Andersen 4a9bdc2617 Initial commit 5 years ago