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681 B

PMOD modules


128 Mbit SPI/QPI flash memory. Uses W25Q128JVSIQ.

Datasheet: 1905281008_Winbond-Elec-W25Q128JVSIQ_C113767.pdf


64 Mbit SPI/QPI volatile pseudo-SRAM. Uses LY68L6400SLIT.

Datasheet: Lyontek-Inc-LY68L6400SLIT_C261881.pdf


PMOD that breaks out a USB 2.0 Type C connector.

The two usb data pairs are connected together, i.e. D+: A6 with B6 and D-: A7 with B7.

PMOD pins for D+, D-, CC1, CC2. Has pin headers that exposes CC1, CC2, SBU1, SBU2 and VBUS.

PMOD pins to control pull resistors protected with diodes for D+, D-, CC1, CC2.



Uses footprints and 3d models by arturo182. See modules/LICENSE.